What It Takes To Be a Security Guard: A Career Information

If being a security guard is the career you have chosen, you must know the qualities that you should have in order for you to get the position. You must learn more about the different areas of this job, from the training, down to the assigned duties. 

In this article, we will help you understand more about this career that you’re planning to take. So without further ado, here are pieces of information that will serve as your guide as you take on the job of a security guard:

1. How to be a Security Guard

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To be a security guard in the country, first, you have to be a Filipino citizen that can meet the basic requirements to be on the job. It’s a must to be physically fit, so you can easily catch suspects. Being mentally fit is also important as much as being physically fit, to avoid rage and aggression that might result in violence. You need to go through specialized training for improving your skills and to get more knowledge about the different industries that you might get assigned to. Lastly, you need to apply for different types of clearances and get your PNP SOSIA badge to become an official security guard. 

If you want to learn more about how to become a security guard in the Philippines, just visit our website.

2. Security Education and Training

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Being consistently educated on the things that you need to know as a security guard is important because it will help you gain new knowledge, and learn principles that will develop your analyzing skills. In the security field, training is also important because it will improve your set of skills on the specific job that is assigned to you. And in subjecting yourself to training, you will not only develop analytical skills, but you will also learn self-defense.

Going through training will also make your mind and body more alert in responding to threats. This can enhance your social skills because you will be exposed to different situations and will be able to communicate to a lot of people who are also in the same field as you.

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3. Roles and Responsibilities

Here are the different tasks of a security guard based on their assigned duty:

3.1. Per Industry


Theft is the most common crime in banks, that’s why you should be skilled in handling armored guns when stopping a crime, and protect the customers and employees inside. Aside from protecting the people inside and securing the money, it is required for you to have a pleasing personality when assisting the customers, especially the first-timers in the bank system.


Your role here is to protect the children inside the school premises and to patrol around the campus. This includes stopping any form of violence that can occur inside and outside of the campus. Of course, securing the entrance of the school and making sure that outsiders can’t just enter without a valid reason or appointment with any faculty is one of the basic duties when you’re a security guard in a school. You should know how to handle visitors’ records well to avoid suspicious strangers when going inside the school. The protection of the students, faculty, and every school employee is your priority.  


You’re expected to be skilled in handling computer devices in this industry because CCTVs are being used for monitoring and for security screening. It’s also one of your responsibilities to memorize the whole establishment’s entrances and exits, as well as to help people who are lost. Being strict in an airport is a must because this is a place where all of the locals and foreigners go, and it’s your job to keep everyone safe, especially during threats inside the airport. Security screening will also make your job easier because with this tool, you can identify if a passenger brings along with them a harmful or prohibited object.

To know more about the duties of a security guard in an airport, visit our website.


Guard the whole facility well because there are sensitive areas where only employees and security guards are strictly allowed in that place. Your task is to also to prevent any inappropriate behavior inside the hospital that can disturb the patients and employees. Be observant and avoid violent incidents in the whole establishment by actively monitoring and patrolling the hospital. You also need to have good communication skills, particularly for the angry family members or angry patients. 


Expect that you’re going to handle a large number of people who are going to attend an event, especially if the venue is outdoors. Prevent incidents like stampedes and gate crashers at the event, and most importantly protect the main guests of the event. Make sure that you keep watch on everyone inside the event, and if there are any potential threats in the area. You must always be alert for possible emergencies and calamities.

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3.2. Emergency / Calamities


During a calamity like this, your responsibility is to instruct everyone to go in their safe position or lead them to a safe place. You have to guide them when they leave the establishment, and you also have to check if everyone is present during the evacuation. You can work together with the search and rescue team if there are some people trapped inside the building.

3.3. Others

Graveyard shift

It is a part of the security guard’s duty to do a graveyard shift, so you must prepare yourself to make an adjustment in your sleeping schedule. If you’re still having a hard time adjusting, try making a time schedule that you can follow through. Don’t forget to take care of yourself by eating proper meals and staying hydrated all the time. Lessen your intake of coffee because it will ruin your sleep schedule. Bond with other colleagues who are also in the graveyard shift, so you wouldn’t feel tired. At the end of your work shift, you’ll realize that it is not that bad because you let yourself enjoy your work.

To know more tips on how you can endure night shifts as a security guard, you can go to our website and visit our page.

CCTV Monitoring

If you’re assigned as a CCTV security operator, you are obligated to make a report to the higher positioned security when an incident happens. You must also know how to operate the pieces of equipment. Being the one that will operate these devices, you must be responsible for recording and deleting the footage from the CCTV. Security cameras are great tools to help in any kind of emergency. You also need to have great communication skills because you’ll have to make reports to the authorities.

Learn more about the roles of CCTV security operators by visiting our page.

4. Pros and Cons in the Job

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One of the pros of being a security guard is that you have a privilege to work and interact with different people in the establishment you’re assigned to. You also have the privilege to access different places based on your duty. 

The con of being a security guard is the risk you’ll be experiencing in this job. It is considered for a security guard to be vigilant every time and face unexpected occurrences. It is also part of your job to work from night to day, risking your safety. But if you’re willing to take on the different responsibilities listed above, then this job is for you. 

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of a security guard, you can read it on our news blog page.

We hope this article has helped you in understanding the job of a security guard, and how important it is to every company and industry. You may visit our website to know more about the security field and other security services. If you’re looking for a security job, you can contact us today and we will gladly accept your applications.

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Posted on: April 9th, 2020 by Wazile