The Pros and Cons of Being a Security Guard in the Philippines

Having a security guard is one of the most vital personnel that every business must have. Security guards increase the potential and value of your business. Customers are more confident to transact within your business when they know that a security guard is present. Security guards may be one of the toughest jobs that someone might have, therefore it also has its pros and cons.

If you are looking at the advantages and disadvantages of being a security guard here in the Philippines, you just came to the right article. We will be tackling the pros and cons of being a security guard here in the Philippines.


Being a security guard is one of the easiest jobs that you can find. This is why some men and women resort to this job.

1. Work with Different People

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With your job being a security guard, you get more exposure to different industries, therefore, you will be able to know a lot of people. You might be sent to different fields such as in corporate building, hospitals, schools, and other industries. You get the chance to enhance your experience in every field.

2. Easy to Find a Job as a Security Guard

Security Agency Manpower Services in the Philippines

Security guard jobs are one of the easiest jobs a person can obtain as long as you have the right requirements. Security guards are a demand when it comes to commercial spaces. If you are interested to know how to be a security guard in the Philippines, check out our blog about that.

3. Access to Different Places

As security guards, you have almost unlimited access when going to places where most people dream of. If you want a job where you can see what’s going on behind the scenes, then this is the job you might be looking for.


1. Risk

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Your duty is to protect as a security guard. There are different types of crimes that you can encounter as a security guard. This is why you are required to have extensive training before being sent to the field. Security guard training can be provided by a manpower agency as well.

2. Long Day and Night Shifts

If being a security guard is one of the jobs you want to pursue, be prepared for a 10 to 12 hours work of shift or the graveyard shift. This is very common also for a new employee to be assigned in the graveyard shift. If you’re not used to these time shifts you might have a hard time adjusting at the start but you’ll probably get to adapt to it as time goes by.

3. Unexpected Occurrences

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Security guards must maintain constant vigilance at their place of work. Observation is a must in order to notice any suspicious activities. Security guards must always be alert. They can deal anytime with irate, unruly, aggressive or even dangerous people.

Being a security guard has its own ups and downs, but don’t be discouraged with the cons! Remember that security jobs are one of the most courageous jobs a person can have!

If you are looking for a security agency that provides well-trained security guards or looking for a center to train and equip you to be an effective security guard, contact us for we can help you!

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Posted on: February 20th, 2019 by Wazile