Our Companies

Corinthians Group of Companies provides optimum quality service to its clientele; it is our supreme goal to define quality as synonymous to efficiency, effectiveness, consistency, dependability, honesty and loyalty.

Corinthians Integrated Security Inc.

The CISI is known to be one of the most stable security agencies in the country, a chosen and trusted partner for the country’s biggest establishments.

Mega Corinthians Integrated Security Inc.

Our primary function is to provide our customers with the highest level of quality service in the security personnel we provide.

Eagle Corinthians Integrated Security Inc.

Our security officers have been thoroughly screened, trained, and selected to provide our customers the highest level of satisfaction.

Citybest Janitorial & General Services Inc.

Our goal is to undertake the improvement, development & maintenance of urban establishments through quality janitorial & general services.

Townsbest Janitorial & General Services Inc.

Created to supply the growing demands of its mother company, City Best. We offer highly trained janitorial and general services to various establishments.

Corinthians Security Training Center Inc.

Our very own training center specifically created to train, develop, and enhance our personnel. Trainings are customized based on the customers’ needs.

Vortex Guardia Security Inc.

We offer well-equipped security personnel who have gone through various trainings and skills enhancement that is tailored to fit the needs of the customer.

Eaglecor Armored Security Services Inc.

Offers secured transport services and personnel to handle armored cars in support of the various contracts of Eagle Corinthians Integrated Security, Inc.