Townsbest Janitorial and General Services Inc.

The success of the Citybest Janitorial and General Services, Inc. has paved the way for the creation of its subsidiary, TOWNSBEST JANITORIAL AND GENERAL SERVICES, INC. Due to the growing demands of the market and the expansion plans of the clients, a subsidiary had to be created to be able to tap unchartered territories. Because the law limits the number of personnel and agency can have, having a subsidiary has become imperative.

TOWNSBEST JANITORIAL AND GENERAL SERVICES, INC. is now basking under the shadows and success of its predecessor, acting as an extension of its flagship Mother Company, Citybest. It holds and upholds the same level and quality of services Citybest offers, so you can be sure that you are not getting less that what is expected.

Its primary objective remains the same – to undertake in the improvement, development and maintenance of urban establishments such as offices, low and high-rise buildings, condominiums, restaurants, hotels, stores, groceries, warehouse, residences, and more.

As the name implies, TOWN’S BEST JANITORIAL AND GENERAL SERVICES, INC., is set to earn a solid reputation as the town’s chosen agency for its janitorial and general service needs.

Hazel L. Pancha, Director / Krissa S. Bongat, Director / Ramdhari C. Chanderamani, Director / Jessamine Syrelle B. Castillo, President / Darlene Jeanette T. Bongat, Director


  • Janitorial contract services

  • Janitorial supplies & materials

  • General cleaning (one time or periodic)

  • Carpet shampooing

  • Marble treatment & crystallization

  • Window cleaning

  • Garden & lawn maintenance

  • In-house messengerial services

  • Car washing

  • Elevator operators

  • Aircon cleaning

  • Manpower supply

  • Other manpower services


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