6 Tips for Graveyard Shift Security Guards

Switching our body clocks from day to night hours is not that easy because we know that those hours are usually for resting. Any kind of graveyard shift job would be hard for any person because it would require adjustments, mostly on physical. This is why, for security guards on graveyard shifts, we can only imagine how tiring it must be to try and stay awake in order to keep the place safe.  They would have to stay alert and active while they are on duty during the night because most crimes happen during these hours. 

Here are helpful tips for graveyard shift security guards:

1. Make Self Adjustments

self adjustment

Prepare yourself beforehand by being awake as late as your body can, but don’t force it too much because you also have to let your body clock adjust to a new schedule. Don’t focus on what time you’re finally going to sleep, instead focus on having energy during work hours. Asking tips from your colleagues who have been in that kind of job for quite a while is also helpful because they have gained experiences already. The first few weeks of your graveyard shift will be the hardest, as your body is still not used to it. You just have to give time for your routine to be renewed.

2. Create a Time Schedule

time schedule

For you to be able to adjust to a new schedule, you would have to create or organize a proper time schedule that you can follow through. Creating a time schedule would include in it the tasks and commitments that you have to attend to before you go to work. You should not disregard resting and spending time with the people you love in this time schedule of yours because it is also important. 

3. Take Care of Yourself

take care of yourself

Taking care of ourselves seem quite simple, but a lot of people still neglect it. The bottomline is: you need to take care of yourself and store up energy! Having sufficient energy to do your job well is essential, and what better way to get that, other than food? Graveyard shift security guards will need as much energy because they need to stay awake all night to guard the place. 

Remember to take care of yourself by staying hydrated and eating proper meals, so that you have the energy to work. Aside from that, try to develop a habit of exercising because this will improve your stamina and state of mind, which are also important in your job. 

4. Don’t Rely on Caffeine

don't rely on caffeine

We know coffee or any caffeine substance helps you be more active and stay awake, but it could be a problem in the long run if you do not try to keep it in moderation. People also have different caffeine tolerance, so for those who have low tolerance, they experience headaches, palpitations, etc. that can distract their work. That’s why it is important to control your intake, so that it won’t affect your work pattern during the graveyard shift.

5. Bond with Your Workmates

bond with your workmates

Another way to keep you up all night is to mingle with your coworkers or colleagues in a graveyard shift. Try connecting and bonding with them because it will help you build a strong rapport with them, which will also help establish a good working environment. Having friends at work will make every graveyard shift more tolerable.

6. Enjoy the Moment

enjoy your moment

When you have finally adjusted to this kind of schedule, you will also see that it is not that bad after all. Being in a graveyard shift does not mean you cannot enjoy your work. You can still have fun without losing sight of the duties and responsibilities of a security guard. 

For some, the adjustment period of any job such as this, would be the hardest and most challenging. But when you get used to it and start aligning yourself to the adjustments and tasks at hand, you will find yourself enjoying your work. 

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Posted on: December 16th, 2019 by Wazile