Roles and Responsibilities of Security Guards in Airports

Airports are one of the busiest establishments in the world. Different races and colors of people are going there for travel, whether it’s for vacation or business purposes. These are the kind of places that should have a high level of monitoring because, in reality, we really don’t know when and how will people with bad intentions or illegal activity make their move.

So you’re wondering what will be the roles and responsibilities of security guards in different areas of the airport? Here are the lists of the duty of a security guard.

1. Training

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Training an airport security guard is not just physical, but also testing their knowledge in basic computer operations. Since the airport has a lot of high-tech security inside monitoring every people inside can be easy and it’s easy to do an investigation. It’s also a must to have a pleasing personality and has good communication skills.

2. Walking surveillance

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Security guards’ duty is to be a lookout for everyone, they are responsible for preventing any suspicious activities inside the establishment. They must be everywhere also, from the entrances to the departure and arrival area. And each of the airport security guards must familiarize themselves on the function where they’re assigned to.

The airport has a high-security system that’s why people who’re applying for this position are willing to work in different shifts.

3. Strict in Rules

strict in rules

It’s a duty to every security guard on keeping the place in peace and order, they need to be observant to all the people inside, especially on the passengers. That’s why before going to the airport you must know all about the laws of every airport so that it will cause disruption. If there’s a passenger who has suspicious behavior they may be apprehended right away or even arrested. Any disturbance of some passengers may cause, the security guards to escort them to leave the establishment.

4. Security Screening

security screening

We mentioned earlier that an airport security guard should be knowledgeable about where they’re assigned on, especially in security screening. They use X-ray machines and other high-tech devices that examines the passengers baggage making sure there’s no harmful weapon. They are very strict when it comes with these screening because there are some of the cases, like bombing, that cause an eruption inside the establishment. Other than weapons, security guards really need to check each person’s behavior and sometimes conduct a drug test.

We hope this article helps you understand the importance of security guards in the airport.

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Posted on: September 30th, 2019 by Wazile