Criteria of a Good Security Guard in the Philippines

Criteria of a good security guard

Security and safety is important wherever you go, most especially in public places where a lot of unexpected things happen. As we all would know, business operations hire security guards for protection and safety in order to maintain a peaceful environment.

Just like any other jobs out there, hiring someone to be a security guard also entails a set of criteria to be met. These people do not just get hired and get placed in that line of work.  Here is a guide for you to know the criteria of a good security guard, a must in each and every one of them…


9 Criteria of a Good Security Guard in the Philippines



A good security guard must always practice punctuality. Slacking-off is not an option in any other jobs, most especially ones that include safety among people. Being late on your duty is not a reason for risking a person’s safety and wasting someone else’s time.


2. Not just the SKILLS, but also the EXPERIENCES

Saying that you have the skills is easy, but it’s the experiences that you had in the job as a security guard that will prove the skills that was acquired through time. These experiences also include the series of up-to-date training that one has gone through and will go through. So it shows us that a good security guard must have both the skills and the experiences to accomplish the tasks given.



This means that a security guard must be able exemplify politeness in speaking to people. Who would want a rude security guard, right? It’s always nice to think that you can be able to talk to them and ask them for help.



The primary concern is to secure the safety of the people in the area. A good security guard must be aware of the sudden changes in the environment or the place. With the amount of unexpected things that are happening in public places, such as malls, a security guard must not neglect any possibility of danger during his/her time of duty.



A good security guard must be prepared to multitask and be versatile in doing his/her job.



This does not only mean being respectful to the higher-ups, officers-in-charge, and fellow security guards, it also means being respectful to all the people that a security guard encounters, may it be during the time of their duty or not.



Being a security guard is close to being a public figure because people get to see them on the same post almost every day. A good security guard must always look neat and sharp.



Given that security services are offered for protection, but this does not mean that security guards have to resort in using weapons and physical resilience in order to secure safety. A good security guard must know when it is necessary to use these kinds of measures, and as much as possible maintain peace and order in the premise.



How can you be able to trust someone with your safety if they are not honest? Being a good security guard also includes truthfulness in doing his/her tasks.


These set of criteria may or may not apply to everyone, it would still depend on their need and how they would define a good security guard.

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Posted on: July 20th, 2017 by Wazile Hello