8 Tips to Maintain Safety in Gated Communities

Security and safety are what gated communities provide to their residents. This is also one of the reasons why some people prefer to live in gated communities. But despite it being guarded, burglars still find places like this as targets for potential break-ins. That’s why there should always be a high sense of security to maintain and continuously improve safety for all residents. 

Here’s how you can maintain safety in gated communities:

1. Hire a Professional Security Agency

security agency

Hiring a professional security agency that is reputable in the field will really help in maintaining safety in gated communities as they make sure that they provide quality security services. Professional security agencies produce well-trained security guards and prepare them for the task that will be given to them. These security guards also know how to quickly respond to emergencies, threats, as well as adhere to security protocols, so you can be sure that they are concerned about the overall safety of everyone in the community. 

2. 24/7 Security Personnel Accessibility

security personnel

It is important for every security personnel to be present at every access point they are assigned to, day and night. This gives a sense of security for residents and visitors that a security guard is accessible and nearby in case of an emergency. 

This is why security guards shouldn’t leave their post unless their shift has ended and the next security guard in charge already arrived. Not keeping an eye and leaving their post unattended can be a gateway for burglars to have their way and break in without being noticed. This may result in physical assaults, robbery, and other crimes, which can be prevented if proper security measures are aligned and performed. 

3. Carry Out Regular Patrol Inspections

regular patrol

Regular patrol inspections are necessary if you are to heighten the security measures in any public place, much more with private places like gated communities. This is done in shifting schedules, especially at night. A team of security guards is usually assigned to patrol in different areas and streets inside the gated community to inspect for any suspicious activities and see to it that the residents are kept safe. 

4. Install Proper Lighting

install proper lighting

Burglars and other criminals usually strike from dark alleys and corners, so installing proper lighting will help deter such crimes from happening. Proper lighting in every area of gated communities will improve visibility at night, making residents feel at ease even as they walk around during the night. Having street lights in gated communities will also help residents easily spot crimes and report them. 

5. Keep Communications Open Within the Community

keep communication open

Keeping communications open within the community is not only for the residents to do, but it also extends to the security team. What do we mean by this? The residents, as well as the security team, should work hand in hand and maintain open communications in case any suspicious activity transpires. When something happens, security guards can quickly respond and keep the intruder from roaming around the neighborhood. 

6. Maintain Visitor Logs 

maintain visitor logs

Security guards at the entrance of the gated community are responsible for keeping visitor logs. The visitor log serves as a record to keep track of non-residents who enter the gated community. If such crimes happen inside, the visitor log can serve as a tool for the security team to check who has entered the vicinity during this certain time and day. 

7. Secure Entry and Exit Points

secure entry and exit point

Gated communities that have large land areas usually have more than one entry and exit point, so it is important to secure them at all costs, leaving no opportunity for criminals to have their way inside. This also goes the same for gated communities that have one access point. 

Aside from the gates, there should also be strong and steady barriers, such as walls and fences that serve as protection from intruders. Security guards, in turn, should be familiar with all the residents, vigilant in keeping an eye on all entry and exit points, as well as maintain the visitor log for non-residents. 

8. Install Surveillance Cameras

install surveillance cameras

Alongside proper lighting, installing surveillance cameras on entry and exit points, as well as other areas in gated communities that are potential places where crimes can happen is very much necessary. Surveillance cameras can serve as a way for the security team to monitor who comes in and goes out and identify culprits if a crime happens inside. The footage from the surveillance camera can also serve as evidence that can be presented to the authorities for investigation. 

We hope that this article has been informative in giving you tips on how to maintain safety in gated communities.

If you are in need of specialized security, contact us today and we will be glad to offer you the best of our services!

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Posted on: June 30th, 2021 by Wazile