What are the Types of Businesses That Need Security Guards?

Many businesses employ security guards to protect their staff, assets, reputation, and revenue. Security guards are employed by companies in various industries. However, the types of businesses that need to hire security guards may differ depending on the nature of their business. The truth is, that most businesses can benefit from having a security guard on their premises. The only difference is, that some need more security than others based on factors like location, type of business and its items, and importance of end-users as well as employees. 

1. Hotels


Hotels are busy environments and guests are usually looking for a relaxing time. Security officers help provide the safe and welcoming place that hotels need to be. Hotels can have a lot of traffic coming in and out of the building at any time of the day and night.

A security officer can detect problems with people entering where they are not supposed to, or prevent theft of products or valuables that are left unattended. Having a security guard that understands how these systems work is necessary to prevent thefts within a hotel. Hotels often have high-value televisions mounted in the lobby areas so a security guard can monitor traffic around different areas at all times.

2. Schools


Schools or campuses are some of the most difficult places to secure. Schools are always busy with students and faculty members, and they often have long hours that are spent in large, open spaces. Simply hiring security guards is not enough either. You’ll need to determine how many guards you need for the campus and what times those guards will be working. If you don’t have the right number of officers or the right ones, your school or college could become an easy target for crime, gangs, or other perpetrators.

3. Residential Communities

residential communities

Whether you own an apartment building, or condominium, or live in a gated community, you know that security is a huge concern. Security officers can help protect residential communities from different kinds of crime which are most likely threats of theft and vandalism. They work to keep a vigilant eye on entrances and exits, preventing those who are unauthorized from entering the community.

4. Hospitals


Hospitals are equipped with security systems, but it’s always a good idea to have an extra line of defense. Security guards can act as an extra eye in a situation where a patient becomes violent or if someone is found to be illegally bringing in contraband into the hospital. Additionally, security officers can bring peace of mind to patients who know that they’re protected and safe while receiving treatment at the hospital.

5. Construction Sites

construction sites

Construction sites are plagued by a variety of crimes, from vandalism to theft. It can be hard for construction site owner to protect their building and workers from criminals. But the good thing is that the local police department or city government is aware of these issues and provides security measures to protect the site. These security guards will patrol the area at night in order to prevent thieves from robbing valuable materials and equipment. Contractors also have trouble with trespassers entering their premises when they’re not around, which is why a security guard can force them out of the building if they are discovered on-site beyond operating hours.

6. Retail Stores

retail stores

Retail stores are one of the most susceptible places for thefts to occur. As such, a lot of protection is needed in order to keep the merchandise and the retail premises safe. It would be hard enough to deter thieves from stealing merchandise when a store has only one security officer. In this regard, it would be much more helpful if you have several security personnel as they can greatly increase your chances of catching them in the act and also deter potential thieves.

7. Car Dealerships

car dealerships

If you’re a car dealer, you know that your vehicles are valuable assets. But if you just leave them sitting on the lot, you might as well be handing thieves or vandals the keys. A security guard will help bolster your security system and safeguard your vehicle investment. Security guards interact with potential customers to increase foot traffic and combat crime in high-end neighborhoods.

8. Shopping Malls

shopping malls

Security guards are those unsung heroes of retail and commercial buildings. We often take them for granted, but they’re there to protect us. Shopping malls typically employ security officers to keep pedestrian traffic flowing, and to prevent potential theft from within the mall. In shopping centers that attract a lot of teenagers (or 20-somethings), security may be helpful in preventing fights. Security guards can direct lost shoppers and help shoppers feel more comfortable when entering large buildings by monitoring them as they enter (and exit).

9. Office Buildings

office buildings

Hiring a security officer for an office building will ensure that your office is kept safe. They can monitor who comes in and out of the building and prevent any unauthorized visitors. They will also be very useful in emergency situations, as they are specially trained to provide direction to employees and handle the situation efficiently.

10. Museums


Museums all over the world are filled with priceless, historical artifacts. Many of these objects were not made to be handled by anyone but trained professionals who know how to protect and preserve them. That’s where security guards come in. Security guards can enforce the rules set in place by staff members and ensure that no objects are touched or handled improperly. If a visitor gets too close to an artifact or tries to take it home, a security guard will step in and make sure that everything stays safe.

11. Banks


Banks need security guards to make sure their valuable assets are safe and secure. Banks hold a large amount of cash, computers, and important documents that need to be protected. The bank’s internal and external security systems should be able to contain any criminal activity that can potentially harm the bank’s financial health. A good security guard will be able to deter criminals from stealing money and hurting customers. Additionally, they can take control of the situation in case a theft or robbery occurs.

All things considered, having a security guard overseeing your operations can potentially save you time and money in the long run. The added peace of mind that comes from a security guard on patrol can help you focus on your work, and ensures that any minor disruptions are handled professionally and efficiently. It is very common for businesses such as retail shops, property owners like banks and warehouses, car dealerships, gas stations, restaurants and hotels, bars, and many others to benefit from their services.

If you need specialized security services for your business, contact our team today and we will be glad to help solve any issues.

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Posted on: April 30th, 2022 by Wazile