5 Tips to Increase Security in Shopping Malls

Public places such as shopping malls are naturally filled with people. You can’t really control the number of people who come in and go out of the vicinity, but you can do something to ensure their safety. Although, we know that’s just easier said than done because it can be quite challenging since you don’t know what incident can arise in a day, plus there is just so much ground to cover. This is why implementing proper rules and regulations, as well as increasing security measures are a must in every shopping mall in order to maintain the safety of everyone. 

Here is a list of tips to help increase security in shopping malls:

1. Set Unyielding Security Procedures

security procedure

To increase security in shopping malls and every other public place, it is important to set security procedures that are unyielded, not distracted by anything. This would mean that the security guards around the vicinity should have a focus on ensuring the safety of the people. Different external factors can contribute to catching their attention, so it is a must that they are not easily distracted. 

Gadgets are only to be used as means of communicating reports and ensuring the safety of the area. Aside from this, security guards or security personnel should be fully aware of what’s happening around them. They should also avoid standing under or at least near a cooling device. The cold air coming out from air conditioners can cause them to feel a little bit too relaxed or even sleepy, making them lose focus and delay response when an incident arises. 

2. Distribute Proper Security Parameters

proper security parameters

Shopping malls are big and crowded places. It can be hard to monitor what’s happening in every area, especially in blind spots, if there are no security guards specifically assigned there. Distributing proper security parameters in shopping malls reduces or even prevents such threats or incidents from happening. This will send a message to criminals that the whole vicinity is being thoroughly protected and closely watched. 

3. Provide Awareness Training

awareness training

As much as security agencies provide awareness training to maintain safety in times of threats to security guards, it is also equally important for the management or administration team of the shopping mall to provide awareness training to their staff. Having everyone properly trained and informed of what they need to do when a threat arises will lessen the chaos when it actually happens — because they will know how to respond and avoid any panic. 

4. Install Security Cameras

install security cameras

Security guards are not the only ones that need to secure the parameters of the mall. They would also need a device that will help them closely monitor every area and deter crime. Installing security cameras in public areas such as malls is necessary because it helps cover the whole ground, from the inside areas to the outside areas. 

5. Extend Security Protocols During Congested Weekends and Holidays

extend security protocols

To practice proper increase of security in shopping malls, it is best to be prepared for days such as weekends and holidays wherein it can really be congested with people. The more people you have in the vicinity, the higher security protocols you should follow. Every security personnel should be extra attentive to what’s happening around them during these times. They must be quick to adapt to the situation and know how to swiftly respond in case an incident occurs. 

Extending security protocols during these times also means that the management team of the mall and the security team should work hand-in-hand to strategize a proper flow of security measures that they would need to follow. 

Ensuring the safety of shopping malls can be quite challenging as it involves the lives of a lot of people. But with proper implementation of protocols to increase security in the whole vicinity, can minimize or even prevent crimes from happening. 

We hope that this article has been helpful in giving you tips to increase security in shopping malls. 

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Posted on: February 15th, 2021 by Wazile