5 Roles and Duties of a Warehouse Security

Warehouse is a place where you stock important things from your business. Most warehouses are used by big companies that make essential products that we use daily. These companies rely on their warehouses to store the items they produce. They need them to be safe and well maintained that’s why it is important that they are secured. 

But how can security guards protect the safety of your production? Here are the important duties of security guards for your warehouse.

1. Respond Quick to Any Incident

catching the thief right away

By having security guards in your warehouse, you can detect a problem from your property right away. They can make a report if there’s a leak in your pipes, fire, and other incidents. Well-trained security guards can also act quickly when accidents happen to your employees.

2. Secure the Protection of the Employees

security checking on the employees

Every member of your staff needs protection inside the warehouse. We don’t want to risk our employees’ lives because they are an important member of the company. As much as possible, security guards will consider the employees as their priority to protect. They will not only protect them, but they will also make sure that they are following the company’s guidelines by checking their ID or if they are wearing the proper attire for work.

3. Check the Inventories

inventory checking

It is also part of their job to monitor every item in the warehouse. They have to make sure all of them are complete and in good condition. Every closing hour, they do rounds to check for further safety of the entire warehouse.

4. Prevent Theft

security guard preventing thief

Warehouses are one of the most targeted places by thieves, that’s why you’ll need a security guard to avoid theft in the area. Sometimes thieves can be your employees, so to avoid that from happening, security guards should implement a protocol. Security guards have to do security scanning, they have to check each of them and if they are hiding the items from the warehouse. Well-trained security guards have a special set of skills in stopping outsider thieves from entering the warehouse. Once the thieves are caught, they will report it to you immediately and to the police officers.

5. All Around Monitoring

security monitoring

One of the responsibilities of a security guard is to keep track of all the assets of the warehouse, that’s why the night shift is an important part of their job here. They need to roam around the whole area to ensure the security of the place. And if you have visitors in your warehouse, security guards also have to make them log in a logbook, so that the name and time of arrival and departure of the visitor will be recorded. They also have to check the IDs of the delivery drivers and vendors for credentials to avoid trespassers.

Being knowledgeable with a high-tech security system is important for security guards because CCTVs and alarm systems are all essential for the whole facility. Emergency response will be faster if both security guards and a high-tech security system work well together.

We hope this article enlightened you of the importance of warehouse security. If you’re interested in hiring a security guard for your warehouse, you can contact us today.

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Posted on: April 30th, 2020 by Wazile