4 Key Importance of Mobile Patrol Security Guards in Your Business

Security should be of topmost priority when it comes to public establishments. Aside from building a structure that’s strong enough to house many people and withstand earthquakes and climate change, having security guards as well as security devices such as CCTV cameras to ensure everyone’s safety in the vicinity is very important. This is because crimes happen unexpectedly, and one of the ways to deter or prevent them is to heighten security measures around the area. 

Mobile patrol security is one of the different types of security services that should be included in business security, especially the ones that cover a large area where there are many blind spots and can potentially be a place where crimes are committed. These mobile patrol security guards are the ones that move or patrol around different areas usually after hours in random shifts. Thus the word ‘mobile,’ they move around the vicinity riding in a security vehicle where they conduct inspections and look out for possible threats or suspicious activities in the area. But how are mobile patrol security guards important in your business? Let’s find out!

1. Performs Various Inspections for Further Safety

perform various inspections

Since mobile patrol security guards move around the vicinity of the place they’re assigned to, they perform various inspections across different areas. This helps further ensure the safety not only of the whole property but also of the people who are present there. Having mobile patrol security guards in places such as schools, construction sites, warehouses, hospitals, and hotels is a must for increased security because these places typically have large grounds where criminal activities can possibly occur. Another good thing about having mobile patrol security guards in your business is that they do rounds in shifts, so you can also be assured that the majority of the areas are being secured and inspected at all times, especially after hours. 

2. Serves as a Deterrent for Crimes Around the Area

serves as a deterrent for crimes

The presence of a security guard in entrance and exit areas alone is already a deterrent for perpetrators, which means having mobile patrol security guards is an added deterrent for crimes as their inspections often cover a large area or all of the areas. To add, crimes aren’t always external because they can also be internal, thus making it more dangerous since you won’t always know firsthand who the perpetrator might be, particularly since it can be anyone. That’s why with mobile patrol security guards moving around the place, different types of employee theft can be prevented, and other criminal activities can be caught in the act. 

3. Cost-Effective Security Service Option

cost-effective security service

For businesses who are looking for a more pocket-friendly way to heighten their security measures, a mobile patrol security service is an ideal solution. Oftentimes, full-time on-site security services can be costly; although having them in your business is a great investment — budget can still get in the way of that. So a good alternative solution to that is to hire or outsource mobile patrol security services from a reputable security company/agency. Doing this allows you to choose the scope of the guards’ tasks, and pay only for the services that were rendered or what you specifically requested. 

4. Acts as an Alarm Response

acts as an alarm response

One of the ways a crime is done repeatedly in businesses or any facility is because no one’s there to respond to the situation and take certain measures to halt the activity. With mobile patrol security guards inspecting varying areas, chances are good that they will be able to catch criminal activity in action. They can serve as alarm response, alerting other security guards on-site that a crime is caught in the act. When this happens, perpetrators will think twice before they even try to do anything. Of course, it’s also highly advisable to add other security measures such as CCTV cameras to help security guards better monitor different areas, especially unfrequented places. 

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Posted on: April 15th, 2022 by Wazile