A Guide to The Different Types of Security Service

Crimes have been present left and right ever since, and now, they just keep evolving. Such occurrences happen unexpectedly in many places, may it be in residential or commercial areas, which is why heightened security is needed. Since security is a necessity for everyone, the security industry sees to it they are able to provide protection and safety to people as best as they can through different services made to suit every security need. So here is a guide to the different types of security services:

1. Personal Security

personal security

Personal or private security is a service that centers on providing protection to individuals. You would most likely see this type of security service around high-profile people such as executives, public figures, etc. who have bodyguards or personal security guards assigned to them for safety. These security guards are keen on detecting trouble or possible threats that could arise because they are trained for such situations and know how to quickly respond in case an emergency occurs. They will not only protect you and your family but also your home and other valuables. On top of that, they are always at your service and can step up to protect you any time a threat happens. 

Given all the benefits of hiring personal security, it may come more expensive than other security services and rates may vary depending on the kind of protection the client is requesting as well as if they should be armed or unarmed. 

2. Event Security

event security

The more people there are, the more security should be present. With various events being crowded by people, it is important to have event security around to keep everyone safe and monitor the whole premise. Event security services ensure that gatherings, may it be large or small, are running smoothly and safely from start to finish. Since events are mostly done in public places that contain quite a number of people, you can expect that it would need more than just one security personnel to keep everything in check. This is for the reason that each security guard has different operations to take part in during the event. 

Event security guards are trained to handle different situations to minimize risks of commotions and prevent threats from escalating during gatherings. This is why you would see them securing entry and exit points and managing the crowd. 

3. Residential Security

security procedure

Residential security is a service provided to residential properties such as gated communities, apartment complexes, dorms, and condominiums. This type of security service is geared towards maintaining the safety and protection of the entire residential property day and night, making sure that attempts of theft or vandalism are prevented. Of course, it is not only the land property they are protecting but also the very people residing in that property.

Security guards who are assigned to residential properties are unarmed, however, they are still professionally trained to stay alert and maintain close monitoring of their surroundings. They are able to handle threats and know how to spot suspicious activities. Having a residential security can increase the value of the property given that safety is also of high value in the entire area. 

4. Mobile Patrol Security

mobile patrol security

With the word “mobile,” you can probably guess that this security personnel is moving or on the go. Security is provided in this service by means of having security guards do random or scheduled rounds or patrols around the property. While riding a security vehicle, they conduct inspections within the property and are always on the lookout for potential threats or suspicious activities. Mobile patrol security guards are also trained to quickly respond to threats and emergencies. 

5. Technical Security

technical security

You may think that CCTV cameras are just tools that enhance security measures in homes and businesses, but they are actually considered part of the technical security services. They are also widely used by various households and businesses out there. You can never deny the usefulness of having them in your very home or business because the surveillance video or image captured by the CCTV camera can serve as evidence to support claims against a criminal or offender.

For establishments with large facilities, a security operator is the one in charge of monitoring the whole premise through the use of CCTV cameras installed in different areas. They closely monitor every area in a control room where they handle all the CCTV operations. These security operators are trained to respond to standard protocols in case a crime happens. 

If you are in need of specialized security services for your business, contact us today and we will be glad to offer you the best of our services!

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Posted on: September 15th, 2021 by Wazile