5 Cleaning Hazards for Janitors

Cleaning various places as a job may seem easy at first, but it is very tiring and time-consuming. And aside from that, it also comes with certain hazards. We all know that the janitors are the ones who clean and maintain the facilities in every establishment and institution. They are the ones who are exposed to different environments, which may also cause serious risks to their health. 

In this article, we have listed down the common risks in this field, and added some safety tips on how you can prevent such hazards from happening. 

1. Handling Chemicals

handling chemicals

Cleaning would (almost) always involve chemicals. These chemicals are seen as effective cleaning disinfectants, especially if the place is big and widely used by the public. Although this cleaning tool helps remove and disinfect the germs that surround the establishment, some of these chemicals can still have side effects on your health. These chemicals may affect you by inhaling it or touching it with bare hands, that’s why it is best if you put on proper cleaning accessories. Remember to always wear masks and use gloves when you start cleaning. After that, make sure you wash your hands well, especially if you work in a factory. Don’t forget to double-check yourself if there are any chemicals that have touched your skin or clothing.

2. Slipping and Falling Accidents 

slipping and falling accidents

Cleaning floors and windows may get slippery, which may also cause potential injuries to you, and even to the people inside the facility. Falling is one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries that may also cause death. That’s why it is important to leave a caution sign, so that anyone who passes by that area will know that there is an ongoing cleaning task. This will serve as a warning for them, which will help prevent any slipping and falling accidents from happening. Make sure all the floors are dry and safe for everyone to avoid any injuries and accidents.

3. Harmful Molds

harmful molds

Molds may not seem as harmful as other elements you are exposed to when you’re cleaning,  but they can actually be a problem in your respiratory. They are harmful and toxic, especially when they are combined with the chemicals used to remove them. It’s a known fact that a lot of molds are hard to get rid of, but at times, it becomes unavoidable to use chemical products to remove them. Like always, just make sure to wear your mask and gloves when using chemicals to remove the molds, and never forget to wash your hands when the job is done! 

4. Asbestos Hazard

Since we talked about harmful chemicals, asbestos is one of the known substances that can be found in some cleaning products. Sometimes the whole establishment can have a trace of asbestos. It can also produce risk for your health,  like lung cancer. This is why you have to be extra careful in choosing the products you use for cleaning. 

5. Handling Cleaning Materials

cleaning the floor

There are high tech tools that are used in cleaning, like floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, and steamer vacuum cleaners. Before using these kinds of tools, remember to read the manual instructions on how to safely use the tool. At some companies and agencies, they train you and teach you how to handle high tech tools, so that certain accidents and mishandlings will be avoided. 

If you work in a factory, that has plenty of hazardous elements in it, make sure to be extra careful when it comes to electric materials. Be mindful of all the caution signs. Never ever mix different chemical cleaning products together because they can create toxic that can pollute the air, which can affect your respiratory system.

We hope you learned a lot in this article. If you’re looking for a janitorial service that provides a training program in janitorial that’s complete with equipment, contact us today and we can help you.

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Posted on: December 31st, 2019 by Wazile