7 Guard Dog Breeds for You and Your Family’s Protection

Having a dog at home can really be nice, especially if they start to become a part of the family. We all know that dogs have high a sense of loyalty to their masters, as well as an instinctive tendency to protect the whole family in times of danger. But there are specific dog breeds that are known to exhibit strong capabilities of protecting the entire household without getting fazed by sudden attacks, therefore, making them excellent guard dogs. 

Without further ado, here is a list of the best guard dog breeds:

1. German Shepherd

german shepherd

These dogs are commonly used by the police and military and they are also easy to train. German Shepherds have great protective instincts,  intelligence, and stamina. Their proficient sense of smell is one of their talents, that’s why this breed is usually used for bomb sniffing. German Shepherds are not only for guarding because they can also be playful and fun which is excellent for your kids. Even with their undeniable protective skills, they still have a gentle side to them that is perfect for families. 

2. Great Dane

great dane

Despite its intimidating look, this guard dog breed is known for being a “gentle giant” because of its gentle nature that’s why they are good for children. Great Danes are more of watch dogs than guard dogs. They bark strongly which makes intruders want to flee. 

3. Bullmastiff


Unlike German Shepherds, Bullmastiffs don’t have that kind of stamina and intelligence, and this breed also doesn’t bark that much. Even though Bullmastiffs lack that kind of strength, this breed is highly protective and has a great sense of courage. Regardless of its large size, this dog is very quick to move and they are very attentive to their surroundings. Their look may intimidate you,  but this breed is very friendly to other pets, even surprisingly, to cats. 

4. Doberman Pinscher

doberman pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are known to be the best guard dogs because of their complete package. They have a fierce look that makes people, especially intruders and suspicious ones,  terrified, they are also strong and intelligent. It is easy to train this breed because of its extreme loyalty to its owner that’s why they are always in tune. To match up to their looks, Doberman Pinschers’ growl and bark are strong and they stay cautious and protective at all times. 

But these guard dogs, even with their strong qualities, can still be good and safe for families with kids. They are known to be sweet, loyal, and affectionate when properly trained to socialize with people, especially if you raise up children with them. 

5. Saint Bernard

saint bernard

Saint Bernard is your ultimate breed for being a guard dog. They are smart and they have incredible strength. They are also gentle by nature, loyal, and loving. Because of their guarding characteristics, this breed is protective by nature, especially with kids. They are also known for being search and rescue dogs.

6. Labrador

These lovable pets can also be a guard dog and they are also hyperactive dogs, that’s why you should play with them at all times. One of the good things about this breed is their alertness to anything that seems strange and threatening. Like the Great Dane, Labradors are more of a watch dog than a guard dog, but they can be trained to protect the family when an intruder comes. This is why they are known as detection dogs, not only for their ability to detect danger, but also for their high sense of smell. 

7. Rottweiler


Rottweilers are very loyal to their owners and to his/her family that’s why they are protective by nature. They are more gentle around their family, but aggressive towards other people they are not familiar with. There’s a lot of misconceptions about this breed, but overall they are lovable. 

These guard dog breeds may all appear to be large by size and intimidating because of their protective instincts, but they are all good for families. As they take care of the family’s safety, you should also do the same and take care of them. 
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Posted on: October 30th, 2019 by Wazile