Top Tips for Cleaning Your Home During the Holidays

Whether you’ll be inviting a few guests to your home over the holidays or not, it’s important to keep your home clean and in top shape, especially now that many of us are still working from home or doing their online school due to the pandemic. Let’s face it, a clean house can instantly brighten your mood and a cluttered space can easily make you feel stressed. But at times, it can be hard to find the time to thoroughly clean everything at home and go through every nook and cranny because you’re swamped with other daily activities and the weekends are just mostly spent for resting and other errands. Well, good news! You can take advantage of the holidays to take your time off from the usual routine and at the same time get things tidied up in your home. 

In this article, we’ll be listing down tips for cleaning your home during the holidays. 

1. Gather the Cleaning Tools

gather the cleaning tools

What would cleaning be without the proper cleaning supplies, right? Getting yourself prepared for cleaning can be as simple as gathering all the necessary tools to help make your home spick and span during the holidays and even on a regular day. 

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2. Start with the Entryway

start with the entryway

The entryway or outdoor area of your home seldom gets cleaned because most of the focus is on the indoor space. So now is the time to sweep those dried leaves that have been lying around for several days, wipe your front door, dust-off your doormat, and give your outdoor flooring a good scrub to remove any accumulated grime. You can’t go wrong with a clean entryway because it will give your visitors a good impression.

3. Tidy Up the Kitchen

tidy up the kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest place in the house during the holiday season because of all the cooking, which is why it’s necessary to prep this area before you use it up. So dust-off the lighting fixtures, wipe the kitchen cabinets, declutter your pantry, and remove grease marks from the tiles and counter. 

4. Dispose of Garbage 

dispose the garbage

The holiday season is a busy season. Whether you’ll be inviting a few people over or more, chances are, your garbage will pile up because of all the food you consumed. Imagine all the groceries, food boxes, and other perishable items that need to be disposed of. On top of that, you may also be doing some decluttering during the holiday break so that will add up to the garbage pile.

Remember to take out the trash. This may be a simple tip but it’s a practical reminder that some people neglect to do. When garbage piles up, it tends to leave a pungent smell, that’s why you need to empty your garbage bins or trash cans every day or at least every 2 days. Don’t let it pile up. If the foul odor sticks on the trash can, you can use baking soda and scrub off the smell. You can also opt to use bleach if you want to get rid of the tough smell and at the same time disinfect your trash can. 

5. Give the Bathroom a Good Scrub

give the bathroom a good scrub

Molds and mildew can easily build up in your bathroom if you don’t clean it regularly. When you do this, be sure to wear gloves since bathroom detergents are usually strong and can particularly irritate your hands while cleaning. Use a proper toilet brush with good bristles to thoroughly clean every area of the bathroom, especially the moldy areas. See to it as well that you start from the top going down to the bottom, which means you have to start from the ceiling, walls, toilet bowl, sink, and the last is the floor. Doing this helps you avoid cross-contamination. 

6. Check the Refrigerator

check the refrigerator

Your refrigerator will be needing some extra TLC during the holidays since it will be storing up more food than regular days. It would be helpful to defrost your fridge so you can thoroughly clean it and remove any spills or leaks before you fill it up with groceries. 

7. Dust-off Furniture

dust off the furniture

If you haven’t done some thorough cleaning in a while, chances are, dust has piled up on your furniture items. To reduce dust build up on your furniture, wipe them down with microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth does a great job in cleaning surfaces because it’s positively charged and can attract negatively charged dirt and grease, making it ideal for dusting your home. 

8. Create Proper Designation of Tasks

create proper designation of tasks

Cleaning your home is a tiresome job, especially if you’re doing it alone. For people who live alone, cleaning is a one-man task but of course, you know that if it’s the other way around, you would need help from your housemates. Create a proper designation of tasks to each member of your household. Doing this makes the whole process faster and much easier because everyone has something to do and takes part in keeping your home clean. 

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Posted on: December 15th, 2021 by Wazile