The Truth About Manpower Agencies: Disproving Myths

Most employers now understand the benefits of hiring from a manpower agency to help their departments scale. They provide a dedicated interface and point of contact for applicants, allow for screening by the employers, provide guidance on the hiring process, and are often more adept at finding capable talent through candidate networks. However, many organizations still have reservations about staffing firms and are unaware that some of these outdated beliefs about manpower agencies simply aren’t true.

1. Temporary Employees are Usually Entry Level

temporary employees are usually entry level

There’s a common misconception that all temporary employees are entry-level. The truth is, that many staffing firms now offer highly skilled professionals across numerous industries. In fact, the fastest-growing segments of the staffing industry are for professional positions, including healthcare, information technology, accounting/finance, creative/marketing, HR, and executive-level professionals. Manpower agencies can provide on-demand expertise to tackle mission-critical projects – for a lot less cost than hiring a consultant.

2. They are Too Expensive

too expensive

Staffing agencies cost less money: Staffing agencies reduce costs, recruiting costs, and labor costs. They can streamline HR administration and minimize overtime expenses. You can save money by allowing staffing firms to help you match your workforce to your workload. Cost-cutting is much more than just a catchphrase, this is the ability to lower the cost of production will really improve your bottom line. You can reduce staffing costs, training and turnover costs, and recruiting expenses. The result is happy employees and a lower bottom line!

3. Unprofessional Employees

unprofessional employees

Have you ever hired an employee and then had a bad experience? It can be a costly mistake for any employer. Mistakes such as hiring the wrong person, mismanaging management, not offering enough training, or downward performance due to poor communication usually lead to loss of morale and productivity. The cost of all this can break even the most profitable businesses. Some don’t realize how much risk they take for every hire. Manpower agencies employ candidates who have gone through rigorous screening, interviewing, skills testing, and background/reference checks. These processes ensure the quality of talent being offered to you.

4. Lack of Diversity in Positions

lack of diversity in positions

The world of Manpower is wide and varied, providing positions in almost any industry be it blue collar or white. The nature of this type of employment further allows workers to find flexibility as they may engage in short-term contract agreements before their client is employed full-time. Many companies can find employees who fit in with their corporate culture by filling job openings with candidates from manpower agencies. Not only do they provide entry-level to management positions, but they also provide flexible working arrangements that accommodate many employers’ needs.

 5. Recruiters are Not Interested in Your Career

recruiters are not interested in your career

Hiring takes a lot of work and that work doesn’t stop after you hire a candidate – it just changes. Your new hire will need support from you in order to be successful. That’s where manpower agencies come in. They keep the pulse on all the best practices so they can advise and assist you before, during, and after the placement. Recruiters in manpower agencies are experienced, with years of staffing and recruiting experience under their belts. They’re familiar with the employment market and can help you fill your vacancies quickly.

While our results might come as a surprise to some, there are a number of truths that are apparent just by looking at the data. Manpower agencies are not, in fact, unpopular and ineffective. When you hire a manpower agency or even a temporary employee, it’s in your best interest to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for and that means knowing the characteristics of a good manpower agency. Our hope is that this article will help both employers and employment agencies evaluate their processes and relationships, so they can continue to reap the benefits of each other’s services.

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Posted on: July 30th, 2022 by Wazile