What are the Ways to Handle an Intruder in the Office?

Having intruders in the office is an occurrence we all wouldn’t want to happen in our workplace or even in our homes. If you’re an employer, you should prepare your employees for this kind of possibility. They must know how to prevent this crime, may it be through self-defense or a quick action of contacting the authorities. Remember to remain calm if this happens, and don’t let fear set in because it’s better if you have a clear mind, so you’ll be aware of your actions. 

Here are the ways on how you can handle an intruder in the office.

1. Leave the Place Quickly or Hide

leave the place quickly

If you don’t feel safe, observe your surroundings quickly and determine where can you exit safely. If by chance you’re near the door, make a quick movement, so the intruders wouldn’t notice you and if you leave the office, carefully go to the police station immediately to report the crime or call their hotline number.

If you can’t leave immediately or if there are no other options for exits, just hide in silence. It’s much better if you have your phone with you to call the emergency line, but if you didn’t bring it with you, just stay calm and quiet in your safe place until the intruder completely leaves the place. 

2. Call the Emergency Line

call the emergency

While you’re hiding, take the chance to call the emergency line. It’s better if you have your phone always to call for help. Be always prepared by installing emergency apps or by saving emergency numbers in your phone. If you have any alarms in the office, that’s even better because you’ll be able to immediately call for the attention of the authorities.

3. Prepare for Defense

self defense

It is a terrifying idea, but at times like these, you will have to defend yourself no matter what happens. Look for an object near you that can be a weapon to attack the intruder. You have to be quick in case you come face-to-face with an intruder. But if you don’t have a weapon to use, you need to attack with force. Hit the intruder on the knees or on the chin; by doing this, you will be able to prevent or somehow delay what their going to do, thus giving you more time to escape and report immediately to the authorities. 

4. Surrender Your Belongings

surrender belongings

If you get caught, stay and speak calmly to them. If they ever ask you for the money, the safe box of the office, or important documents and there’s no escape, just tell them so you can quickly escape. In the end, your safety is what matters, and those belongings that are ‘valuable’ will not be as valuable anymore if it will cost your life. 

Having an unexpected crime in your office is really nerve-wracking. To avoid this kind of situation, you must always secure your important items, same as your employees. Don’t always share your private life, in some cases the intruder will be someone you know from the office. Install security cameras that will monitor the safety of the whole place, so that you are able to create a high standard of security in your office. Offices with a high standard of security can prevent a crime that might happen. It’s also advisable to reduce areas that are not well lit in your office, so the intruders can be noticeable.

In that way, it will help lessen the crime in your office and your employees will feel safe and at home in their workplace. If you’re interested in installing CCTVs and hiring security guards to protect your office, contact us today!

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Posted on: August 15th, 2019 by Wazile