3 Reasons Why First Aid Training for Security Guards is a Must

Security guards are trained to maintain the safety of people and the property they are assigned to. They go through training to ensure that when they do encounter emergencies or when they are faced with a threatful situation, they will know how to respond — one of which is first aid training. Some people may not take first aid training seriously as it would somehow just seem like compliance to attain safety. But it does matter. With first aid being an essential life skill to acquire, security guards ought to receive training for it so they will know how to respond to such situations when they happen. 

Here are reasons why first aid training for security guards is a must:

1. To Be the First to Respond

first to respond

Learning first aid for security guards helps enhance their way of responding to circumstances because they will know what to do when the need for first aid arises. Since maintaining safety is what security guards are trained to do, they’re usually the first ones to respond to emergencies wherein there are injured or sick people until medical help arrives. When a security guard knows how to do first aid, it will help alleviate the condition of the person and provide relief to the people in the vicinity as well as the management themselves. 

2. To Know How to Handle an Emergency Situation

know how to handle emergency situation

First aid training is required for security training. As we have mentioned previously, security guards are trained to maintain safety, and to do this, they need to know how to handle an emergency that involves giving even immediate medical assistance to people. 

3. To Learn the Proper First Aid Techniques

proper first aid technique

The purpose of learning first aid for security guards is so that they can act as healthcare professionals and tend to the victim while waiting for full medical help. However, if it’s not done right, this could cause more harm to the victim. That’s why security guards must learn the proper first aid techniques or at least the basic first aid procedures for giving CPR, tending to bleed caused by injuries, and more. Having a security guard trained for these things can contribute to a well-kept establishment operation. 

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Posted on: December 30th, 2021 by Wazile