7 Practical Janitorial Safety Tips

As much as it is the job of janitors to maintain cleanliness in the workplace or any commercial space, it is also important to make sure that their safety is not compromised. Accidents or injuries at work affect not only the health and safety of janitors, but it can also be costly for employers and result in lost wages for the staff as well. 

To avoid risks and accidents, here are practical janitorial safety tips you should know about:

1. Talk About the Hazards

talk about the hazards

Though cleaning may not seem complicated, it is physically tiring and can come with dangers. To avoid this, janitors must practice proper communication and talk about the possible hazards that can cause accidents or injuries to them. Making each other aware of bits of broken glass lying on the floor or when a huge water spill was made down the hallway in this particular place in the facility can prevent accidents or injuries not only for the janitors at work during that time, but it can also spare other people from getting hurt. Such hazardous litter should immediately be cleaned. 

2. Wear Personal Protective Equipment

wear protective equipment

Personal protective equipment or PPE is necessary for janitors to use when they are cleaning because they are exposed to different chemicals, dirt, and bacteria. Wearing gloves is always a must, may it be just for cleaning schools, offices, or other commercial spaces such as malls or banks. But for places like the hospital, they need to wear gloves and surgical masks. In cases where they need to clean an infectious area in the hospital, wearing a suit to protect themselves from diseases, germs, and bacteria is required. A hard hat should also be worn by janitors if they are assigned to clean construction sites to keep them safe from falling objects. 

3. Practice Proper Disposal of Hazardous Waste

practice proper disposal

In the disposal of hazardous waste, janitors need to wear PPE. Doing this will keep them from directly touching hazardous waste and chemicals. See to it that you comply with the standards of proper disposal of waste to avoid health risks. 

4. Train Them How to Handle Heavy Equipment

train how to handle heavy equipment

Brooms and mops are not the only tools that janitors use when they clean. They also handle heavy electrical equipment such as vacuum cleaners and floor polishers or buffers. To avoid accidents and mishandling them, which can cause further damages, janitors need to be trained how to operate heavy electrical equipment. 

5. Put Up Wet Floor Signs

add wet floor signs

Wet floor signs serve as a warning that accidents such as slipping or falling are possible in that area. This should always be a part of the safety measures that the janitorial staff follows to prevent small accidents that can lead to big injuries. It should also be put in a place that people can see and the water or any spills should be mopped right away. Keep in mind that putting up a wet floor sign is for the safety of everyone. 

6. Handle Chemicals Properly

proper handle chemicals

Chemicals used for cleaning contain harsh components that are a health risk to janitors. Proper dilution of chemicals is needed as a means for them to avoid inhaling hazardous chemicals that can cause adverse reactions to their health. Instructing your janitorial staff to pay attention to what the labels say is advised. 

7. Maintain Training

maintain training

Cleaning methods and safety practices can change over time, so maintaining regular training for your janitorial staff is highly suggested. This will help refresh them of the standards to follow in cleaning and enable them to learn new cleaning techniques.

Other janitorial safety tips you should keep in mind:

  • As much as possible, avoid heavy lifting because it can cause back injuries. The janitor shouldn’t do all the heavy lifting alone and should ask for assistance from other staff when lifting heavy things. 
  • Avoid carrying a lot of things while going down or up the stairs to avoid tripping or falling. 

We hope that this article has been helpful in listing down practical janitorial safety tips. 

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Posted on: October 15th, 2021 by Wazile