Owning a Guard Dog: Pros and Cons

You’re not alone when it comes to worrying about the safety of your home. There’s going to be a moment where your house can be a potential target for crimes, that’s why you have to make sure your home is well-guarded. Other than CCTVs and alarm systems, we also adopt a dog to guard our home. And we all know that these dogs have great affection and unconditional love for their owners, but what do we need to know more about them before owning one of them?

Let’s find out the different pros and cons of owning a guard dog for your home. 


1. They are Clever

german shepherd

Most of the guard dogs are very intelligent because they can be trained easily, like the German Shepherd. And because guard dogs are smart, they are not only good at guarding your property, but they are also good at being a service dog. They can assist you in your daily activities. Most of these kinds of dogs are a great companion for people with disabilities.

2. They Can Secure Your Home 24/7

dog guarding the house

Guard dogs will protect your property whether you’re away or inside your home. You can also expect that they are alert all the time. They will bark at someone who isn’t familiar with them and they will also catch the attention of people, especially the authorities in your place. Having these guard dogs will help intimidate burglars who will try to trespass and steal something from your property. This can help lessen the crime that is happening in your area because they can also protect your neighbors when the burglars target them.

3. They Have Sensitive Senses

barking dog

Most of our security has its limits, but guard dogs have a highly sensitive sense that’s why they have a wide range of detection for crime. If a burglar enters your property, your guard dog can take them down anytime. They are quick to respond when they sense the danger near your place. Not to mention, they can also smell and hear someone far away from your home that will make them alert and guarded in their place.

4. A Very Loyal Companion

friendly dog

Dogs are very loyal pets. They will protect their family no matter how dangerous the situation is. Social hierarchy and loyalty to their pack is in their genes that’s why they won’t hesitate to fight back when you or someone in your family is in danger.


1. They Can Intimidate Your Guests

scary dog

Most of the guard dogs are only loyal to those who they are familiar with, that’s why they can scare even your guests. Take note that this is just a con if you do not train your dog well enough to respond properly to people who are not a threat to the household. This can scare away innocent people outside your property. 

2. High in Maintenance

pet clinic

Just like people, dogs also have a lot of special needs like food, grooming, and vitamins. You need to maintain their fur and skin in a good condition because fleas can carry parasites that are a risk to your dog’s health. Like humans as well, when dogs get sick, it’s costly, that’s why you have to do your part as the owner to make sure that your dog is in good health. Do regular exercises with them because it will help improve their health, mood, and temperament.

3. They Cannot Identify the Criminal

guard dog

Dogs are good at sensing danger from afar, but most of the time not the face of the criminal. They cannot judge people’s faces accurately because guard dogs will bark at someone who they don’t know. That’s why if you want to make your home more secure, try adding CCTVs as well. It is essential for everyone, especially if you’re always away from your home.

There are also different types of guard dog breeds that you may want for your home. These dog breeds have specific characteristics that exhibit great capabilities that will surely protect your property and family.

Safety and security are some of our top priorities for our home, that’s why guard dogs are also essential to us. But we all know that they do not only serve as guard dogs for us because they become a part of the family in the long run. Overall, they are an excellent companion, and they can bring endless joy and laughter to your life and your family. 

If you need a well-trained guard dog for your business and property, you can contact us today!

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Posted on: April 23rd, 2020 by Wazile