7 Home Security Mistakes You Should Stop Making

A break-in doesn’t just happen at night because it can happen at any time of the day, especially during times when you are not at home. So being reckless about applying the necessary home security measures won’t do you any good. Sadly, despite the awareness that burglars are out on the loose, some households still make home security mistakes that risk the safety of their property, valuables, and their lives. 

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With that said, here is a list of home security mistakes you should stop doing:

1. Forgetting to Lock the Door

You may be thinking, “how could someone forget to lock the door?” Such a simple thing to do, yet a common mistake. Locking the doors should be a standard security practice for every household, but unfortunately, not everyone does it — making it detrimental to the overall security of your property. 

Apparently, 70% of people leave their house without locking the door. In consequence, if you are not careful, burglars can easily enter your home without you even knowing that a break-in had transpired because they were able to effortlessly enter through an unlocked door.

Whether you’re at home or going out, make sure to lock the door at all times. You’ll never know what may happen just because of one careless action. It can risk not only the safety of your belongings but also your very own safety. So if you tend to make this home security mistake, start taking action immediately and be more mindful of locking the doors and even windows, especially when you’re going out. This is because 56% of burglaries come from forced entries, and 38% of them enter a home through an unlocked door or window. 

Always double-check if your doors are locked. Change worn-out or old locks with new ones as it helps enhance security. Don’t settle for insubstantial locks as they may easily get picked — instead, go for secure, strong, and durable locks such as a deadbolt door lock since it is the most ideal for exterior doors. 

2. Being So Public About Your Out-of-Town Trips

Social media was initially created to bridge communication for people wherever they are in the globe. It is also where people in your community get updates about you or how you’re doing lately. However, that also means involving the public in what you do. There’s nothing wrong with posting on social media, but being too public can bring some risks to it, especially if your posts reach the wrong person. 

So if you’re going on a vacation or leaving the house empty for several or even a few days, it’s best to not make it too public. As much as it may seem customary to post updates of your whereabouts during a vacation on social media, it’s not entirely the best way to keep your home safe while you’re away. 

If you still decide to post, make sure to choose your audience, limit your posts, or post about it when you’ve already arrived from the trip. Keep in mind that an empty house is like an open invitation to burglars, and it makes it tempting to break-in and steal something because they won’t risk having to get caught right away.

3. Not Paying Much Attention to Potential Vulnerabilities 

The front door, windows, as well as the garage are the most vulnerable entry points for break-ins — and if you don’t pay much attention to securing these entry points, it will be a problem. It’s also advisable to determine other vulnerable areas at home that burglars can possibly use to break-in and steal.

You have to make sure that your house will be hard to break into as it helps deter burglars. Aside from ensuring that all your doors and windows are locked, invest in durable and reliable locks and consider installing a security system for added security at home. If you have a large property to secure, consider hiring a security company to head the security operations in your home, including the CCTV operations. 

4. Making It Too Obvious That the House is Empty

With burglars potentially lurking around, you wouldn’t want to make it too obvious that no one is at home. Houses with all the lights turned off is like giving it away and telling burglars that no one will suspect them breaking in because nobody’s at home. To avoid that, see to it that you leave at least one or two lights open while you’re out. Doing so lessens the impression or idea that they can break into your home. 

5. Neglecting Proper Lighting Outdoors

A good outdoor lighting isn’t just for aesthetics because it is necessary even for maintaining safety outdoors during nighttime. Neglecting to place proper lighting in your outdoor area can be a hazard since you can risk tripping or falling on to the ground when the pathway is too dark. 

Dark outdoor areas are usually where burglars hide while trying to plot a break-in, so you wouldn’t want to give them that kind of benefit or opportunity, right? When you provide proper lighting outdoors, it will be easier to see your surroundings without having to worry whether or not someone is about to break-in. Besides proper outdoor lighting, you should also trim the bushes or get rid of any possible shade that burglars can use to hide. Consider motion lights for the outdoor area because it lights up every time there is movement, which will be easier for you to know if someone is outside. 

6. Not Placing Proper Security and Alarm Systems

Adding security and alarm systems in your home should be a no-brainer, but some still tend to neglect its importance. Nowadays, given the kind of technology we have, it’s apparent that we also adapt to the change and incorporate security and alarm systems into our homes. This is not to fit in, but to enhance safety and security at home. 

Using technology such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems, you can better protect yourself and your property against intruders and burglars. On top of that, alarm systems allow you to avoid other home accidents such as fire from getting worse. It will alert you as well as the professional monitoring services that a certain incident has happened, and enable them to take appropriate actions to stop it. 

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7. Assuming That Placing a Fake CCTV Camera Will Deter Burglars

If you’re guilty of placing a fake CCTV camera outside to deter intruders or burglars, keep reading because it’s definitely one of the home security mistakes you should stop doing. Burglars, particularly those that are experienced, will be able to spot whether a CCTV camera is really working or not. So in essence, placing a fake CCTV camera outside won’t do anything to deter them from breaking into your home. Instead, they may just think it’s a foolish move and simply try to break-in anyway.

Don’t settle for a fake CCTV camera or any cheap security equipment, and invest in quality security cameras and equipment for your home. Remember that your own safety and your property’s safety is not to be taken for granted. 

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Posted on: March 30th, 2023 by Wazile