Basic Home Security Tips For You

Home security practices are essential in every household and should never be neglected. But sadly, at times, as simple as these home security practices are, some homeowners tend to forget about them. Maintaining safety at home is not difficult, especially if it concerns everyone’s lives. 

Here are basic home security tips for you:

1. Don’t Forget to Lock the Doors

always lock the doors

As basic as it may sound, some homeowners do tend to forget to lock their doors. Keep in mind that locking your doors doesn’t only apply when you are not at home. Nowadays, burglars strike even when the sun is bright, so you have to be extra vigilant and guard your house by locking your doors. Don’t give them any opportunities to break into your home. 

2. Secure the Windows

secure the window

Same as your doors, your windows should also be locked and secured as they can also be used as entry points by burglars. If you have glass windows, make sure that they are of good quality and don’t easily break. See to it as well that they are not purely glass and add window bars that will serve as a protection in case a break-in occurs.

In addition, you can opt to install some glass break sensors. This is a home security system that is good for both windows and doors, and helpful in deterring burglars. The sensors detect shock waves that are related to glass shattering and respond automatically through the sound of an alarm once someone tries to break the glass.  

3. Check All the Locks

check all the locks

Checking all the locks would mean that you have to make sure to get a good lock and change them every now and then. A good quality lock will be hard to open, let alone break. Changing your locks is advisable when you lose your keys because you don’t know where you dropped them and who got them. So to be safe, you have to change them. Installing extra door locks will also be helpful. 

4. Don’t Let Them Know That Nobody’s Home

don't let them know nobody's home

Typically, a home with all the lights closed and doors locked would signify that nobody’s there. And at times, this becomes an opportunity for break-ins, which we all don’t want to happen. That’s why you have to make it seem that you are at home, even when you are not. All of the lights inside your house don’t have to be opened to do that because that’s not cost-efficient and energy-saving, but you can at least leave lights open in some areas of your house, like the kitchen or any areas wherein it would appear that you are at home. 

5. Install Security Cameras

install security cameras

Installing security cameras in your homes nowadays has become a necessity. Gone are the days when security cameras are only for public places because you can also use them as part of your home security system. You can either get a security camera service provider to install them or purchase one that can work on its own and has good coverage of your home area. Just make sure that you get a security camera that can be used with a mobile app so that you are still able to monitor everything in real-time even while you are not at home.

You can also use the security camera footage to present evidence to the police or authorities when you report an incident. 

6. Replace Weak Doors

replace weak doors

Weak doors can effortlessly be broken by burglars, especially if they are carrying big and hard tools. If you know that your door is not sturdy enough and can possibly be the cause for an easy break-in, then you should have it replaced with a solid wood door. You can also choose to have a metal screen door with locks installed before your solid wood door for added security and protection. 

7. Be Careful With Your Keys

be careful with your keys

Your home keys are important, that’s why you should be careful in handling them as they can simply slip outside your bag or pocket without you noticing. Also, don’t just trust anyone with them. Having your home keys put in the wrong hands can give them the power to break into your home. 

8. Get a Dog

get a dog

Dogs naturally become a part of the family, but they are also very effective deterrents for burglars. The loud sound of their bark can easily get the attention of the homeowner and even the neighbor that there is someone outside of the house. This will also make the burglar think that your house is being well guarded and protected. Burglars would want to maintain a low-key entry, so you shouldn’t give them that. 

9. Maintain Good Lighting Outside

maintain good lighting outside

If you haven’t been replacing that broken light bulb outside, then now is the time to do that. Having good exterior lights can help you see what’s happening in your outdoor areas at night. Motion sensing lights are good to use for your outdoor area because you can easily be notified that someone is outside. You can also use smart light bulbs and schedule them to turn on when the sunsets. 

10. Keep Your Valuables Safe

keep your valuable safe

Your money and all other valuables at home shouldn’t be kept in places that can be accessed by burglars. Keep them in a vault or someplace unlikely for searching. Although, you also have to make sure that people at home don’t mistake them as something that can be thrown off. 

The safety and security of your whole household shouldn’t be compromised. Every step starts from the most basic ones until you get used to it and make it a part of your daily life. So make these basic home security practices a part of your daily life!

We hope that this article has been helpful in giving you the basic home security tips you can use to keep your home safe at all times. 

If you are in need of specialized security, contact us today and we will be glad to offer you the best of our services!

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Posted on: March 15th, 2021 by Wazile