What To Do When You Encounter a Bank Robbery

A bank is where you keep all your money savings for all your expenses, and they also provide services for financial or currency exchange. As we all know, not every place is safe and a bank is no exception when it comes to robbery. It can be traumatic to all of the people who are present during a bank robbery. Life is not a movie that’s why in an event like this, you cannot mimic what you see in movies. To make yourself safe during a bank robbery, here’s the list of things you could do when you encounter this situation:

1. Be Calm

In a situation like this, as much as your heartbeat is raising and you feel like panicking, the best thing to do is to be calm. It may be hard to control the sudden rush of emotions, but panicking will not solve anything. Just breathe deeply and exhale all the tension you’re feeling during this event, and if you saw someone is panicking help them to clear their mind and stay calm.

2. Act Wisely

act wisely

While the robbery is happening, you must observe the robbers’ appearance and don’t stare at them too obviously. It’s best if you try to collect your thoughts and have presence of mind during this event. You should also try to observe the place and look for a spot where you can hide without the robber/s noticing you. If you’re already in a safe place, call an emergency hotline right away. 

3. Follow their Instruction/s

follow instructions

Sometimes in order to survive in this kind of situation, you need to follow the instructions of the robber/s. If they say “get down” you should get down to avoid getting hurt during a heist. You need to give up your valuable belongings in exchange for your safety and for everyone in the room. Never show an attitude on them like talking back at them because this will cause more trouble for everyone. 

4. Don’t Intervene

do not intervene

As much as we want to be a hero in this scenario, keep in mind that any wrong move can put a person’s safety on the line. That’s why it’s best not to intervene in such circumstances. The robber/s might be carrying a weapon, either a gun or a knife, so you need to be cautious of these things. Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not bad to do something in this kind of situation, but you just have to be extra careful and think things through before acting on it. 

5. Be the Eye Witness

eye witness

When the crime operations are done, do not move or disturb any crime evidence inside the bank, especially if the policemen are not yet present on the crime scene. Remember earlier that during the heist you need to observe those criminals? Well,  this is your chance to be a witness for the law enforcement. Tell them the exact details you remember from the incident. 

Just the thought of being in a situation like this could really be frightening, that’s why we should always be cautious of where we’re going. Though these types of situations do not normally happen everyday, it’s still advisable to be prepared. 
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Posted on: November 15th, 2019 by Wazile