5 Ways to Prevent Flu Outbreak in the Establishment

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Establishments such as offices and schools, are all public places and are prone to viruses. Flu is a virus that can spread about 6 feet away; it is spread through the release of tiny droplets in the air when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or blows their nose. These droplets can land anywhere inside the establishment which can cause anyone in the company to get sick. We don’t want that, do we?

As a company owner you should not compromise health and be aware of the effects of the flu virus. In this article, we will breakdown the ways you can do to prevent the flu from spreading in your establishment:

1. Prioritize Getting a Flu Shot

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When we were kids, we received 5 shots of vaccination to prevent us from getting sick and catching any virus, but in our present time those vaccines are not enough. There are cases of new flu viruses spreading across the world. Having a flu vaccination is the most effective way to prevent them from spreading. If you’re an owner of a company or school, encourage them to get a flu shot by organizing an on-site flu vaccination in your establishment.

2. Encourage Proper Hygiene in the Establishment

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As kids we were taught to take care of ourselves and maintain proper hygiene. This does not only apply when we were kids because now as adults, proper hygiene should all the more be practiced because we are often exposed to public places. For companies, a good way to make everyone aware of the effects of practicing proper hygiene is by organizing meetings or seminars about hygiene and cleanliness.

Just in case there’s a sick person in your area, it’s better to send him/her home right away to avoid getting anyone infected by the flu virus. Encourage people to take sick leave to prevent the risk of spreading a potential flu virus. Give them another way to work and finish their task without going to the office. This is better than causing more employees to get sick and their work piling up.

3. Clean and Disinfect the Establishment

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Set a standard of cleaning routine in your office or school to help prevent flu virus from entering the premises. Sanitize the rooms and every facility in the building that are often used. All desk areas should be cleaned and disinfected because that’s where every employee is at most of the day.

4. Be Cautious in Using the Cleaning Products

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Use cleaning products properly, especially the disinfecting cleaner, to avoid dangerous damage. Make sure that every cleaning personnel will use safety equipment when doing the daily cleaning routine in your establishment.

5. Hire Cleaning Personnel from a Janitorial Agency

The best way to keep your establishment safe and clean all day is to hire from a manpower agency. These people are trained and knowledgeable of the right tools in cleaning and maintaining your place. These janitorial services prioritize the safety of the staff, or basically everyone in the establishment, especially in flu seasons. You can guarantee the high quality cleanliness in your office or school that will also aid to prevent germs and viruses from entering the establishment.
If you’re a company owner or a school owner, you can check out and contact us for our janitorial services. We assure you that we provide good quality cleaning services.

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Posted on: June 17th, 2019 by Wazile