The Pros and Cons of Having CCTVs in Your Establishment

Offices or business buildings are at risk when it comes to criminals or thieves on the loose. At times, you can never really be too sure of your environment, especially if the establishment is big, and a lot of people enter the place. This is why it’s important to have CCTVs around your workplace to ensure that illegal activities and a play-by-play of daily activities are being monitored. 

We have that concept in our minds of being safe when there are CCTVs around, but like any other things, there are also pros and cons to them. Let’s explore more of what they are through the list below:


1. It has a Wide Coverage

Security camera

Most of the security cameras are small to medium in size, but even with that size, it can manage to record a wide view. It has the ability to see everything and record the daily activities in your area, even at night. Since it can record everywhere, it can help monitor the productivity of your employees. You will be able to see how your employees are during working hours and if they really try to accomplish the task assigned to them. 

2. It Can Keep the Footage for a Lifetime

External hard drive

If there’s an event that happened in your town, street, or office, security cameras have already covered and recorded it, so you wouldn’t have to worry about not having any proof of such incident. It helps you recognize the face of a person, whether it’s a criminal around the area or your regular delivery guy. You can rewind the video to get information if something suspicious has happened that day. You can use it as a piece of evidence if there’s a sudden crime that in the establishment. CCTVs are very handy for the authorities because it helps them to catch suspects and solve crimes by examining all footage from the past and present. 

3. It Will Lessen the Crime

Surveillance monitoring

Metro Manila’s known to be a dangerous place here in the country, but back in 2014, 87% of crimes were solved thanks to security cameras. If security cameras are that effective in public places, there’s no doubt that it will be effective inside different establishments. CCTVs operate for a whole day which makes criminals uneasy to act, and heinous crimes can be avoided. 


1. It can be a bit expensive

Cash in the Jar

Every technology needs an upgrade, that’s why they cost high on values. CCTVs, mostly the heavy-duty ones, can cost up to thousands and even up to ten thousand depending on their features. In addition to that, it has installation fees and other maintenance. 

2. It has Issues in Privacy


Can you imagine someone is watching you from afar? By knowing someone is monitoring you closely, at times, it would make you feel uneasy. There are cases of employees who reported that they are under surveillance without their permission. That’s why we must be responsible for our actions when using this kind of device.

3. It’s Vulnerable

broken camera

They may look tough based on their features, but it can be vulnerable in some ways. For example, clever criminals will try to get a way to trespass into your establishment simply by locating all the security cameras in the area, and looking for ways to dislocate them. They can simply destroy the power source that will shut down the CCTVs instantly. They will try to blend in your workplace, so that they wouldn’t appear suspicious to anyone, even to the one monitoring through the security cameras. Another case is when the CCTV systems get hacked, and the pieces of evidence get erased. 

4. It Doesn’t Stop the Crime

Hacking the system

It is proven that CCTVs can help lessen the crimes in our surroundings by recording it daily. But security cameras have their own limits. It doesn’t have any alarm system that can alert authorities immediately. Other companies would have to pair them together with an alarm system to make their place more secured.

There are many things to consider when choosing a security device for your office or establishment, you just have to be keen and look for what’s best to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. 

Before equipping your facility with security cameras, know more about these devices. Read a lot about CCTVs, or you can consult with operators and give us a call today!

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Posted on: January 16th, 2020 by Wazile