The Best Places to Position CCTV Cameras in Your Business

With all the possibilities of crimes and threats happening in commercial places, it is vital for every business to have CCTV cameras installed in their facilities or workplaces. CCTV cameras or surveillance cameras are helpful tools for preventing crimes and heightening security measures in both public and private places. But if they are not positioned or installed properly in the right places, they wouldn’t be of much help.  So in this article, we will be listing down the best places to position CCTV cameras in your business. 

1. All Entrances and Exits

cctv on all entry and exit

It is apparent that businesses have CCTV cameras installed in all entrances and exits, especially office buildings that have multiple entry and exit points. Having CCTV cameras installed in these areas will help the security team keep track of the people coming in and out of the building, as well as the duration of their stay inside the premises. Perpetrators would most likely look at a commercial place’s security system to see if they are able to easily get through and commit crimes. So having trained and dependable security guards combined with readily positioned, fully-functioning CCTV cameras in all entrances and exits of your business can help deter crimes. See to it that the CCTV cameras are visible so that anyone who enters and exits the premises will know that they are being monitored or observed the whole time. 

To get a better angle, it is best to install the security cameras in a spot that covers a wide-angle of the entrance and exit. This may not fully recognize the person’s face, but it will help get other details, such as their body language, posture, clothing, etc. Opting for high-resolution security cameras in your business will also help get better recognition of the faces of possible intruders. Placing the camera above the door, pointing away from the light, or near an object that will catch the eye is also recommended if you really want a clearer view of every person entering and exiting the building.

2. The Reception Area

cctv in reception area

After the entrance, the reception area is basically the next place that people are likely to go to. For visitors, they are requested to stay in the reception area before they proceed to other rooms or floor level in the building. This place has a high tendency of getting crowded by outsiders, so CCTV cameras are very much needed. You can install them near the reception desk or in a spot that covers a wide-angle of the whole area itself. 

3. The Storage Room

cctv in storage room

Theft and other crimes can’t only be done by outsiders, as they can also be done by the very staff working in your business. Restricted areas like the storage room can usually be a target for theft and inside jobs, so of course, you shouldn’t miss installing CCTV cameras in this place. See to it that they are placed at an angle that covers the door and other dark corners. Doing this will enable you to see who enters and exits the room, what they did inside, and how long they stayed. 

4. Warehouses 

cctv in warehouses

Warehouses can often be a target for theft because of all the valuable goods stored inside that’s worth millions. They are usually located in the outskirts or fringes of cities, which means there are not many people around either. This is why enhanced security is necessary in this place if you want to protect your goods. 

CCTV cameras come in handy in large, secluded buildings like warehouses. The CCTV security operator will be able to monitor who comes in and out of the facility, and who’s likely to cause damage or trouble. Position the security cameras in both the inside and outside areas of the warehouse, covering even the blind spots. Make sure that the whole premise is well-lit, especially the outdoor areas at night. This will be helpful in recognizing the face of a trespasser or intruder. 

5. Unfrequented Areas

cctv in unfrequented areas

It is not only the crowded areas you should be wary of, but also the unfrequented areas as crimes can still possibly take place there. Perpetrators don’t want to get caught, so they would most likely commit a crime in areas where no one is looking. Installing CCTV cameras in unfrequented or secluded areas in your business is advisable because they serve as your eyes to thoroughly monitor what transpires even in those places. 

6. Exterior Areas

cctv in exterior areas

You can never have too many eyes watching for safety, so the exterior areas of your business also need to have CCTV cameras strategically installed for keeping watch over possible crimes or threats. Having security cameras outside can be useful tools for recognizing not only the faces of culprits but also accidents that transpired in the parking lot, the plate number of suspicious vehicles lurking around the premises, etc. The footage of the security cameras can serve as evidence to help law enforcement solve a crime. 

If you are in need of a CCTV Security Operator/Monitoring for your business, contact us today and we will be glad to offer you the best of our services!

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Posted on: August 30th, 2021 by Wazile