Safety Tips for Your Home While You’re on a Vacation

Some people tend to go head out and explore places, some might visit their family and relatives in different towns and provinces during the holidays. What about you? Do you leave during the holidays? If yes, then are you confident with the safety of your home? Do you know how to keep your home and valuables safe while you are away? Do you have any safety tips for your home while you’re on a vacation?

If you can’t think of that much safety tips for your home or you are still looking for more tips, then let us help you with that!

Here are some of the safety tips for your home while you’re on a vacation:

1. Limit What You Share Online

Yes, this is our number one tip. We live in a world where people love to share a lot of information on social media, especially when they are on trips. There are different instances on how robbers can see your posts, either your profile isn’t that private, through friends or anything that can be shown where you are.

One tip is to never share too much information of where you are at on Facebook, Instagram and more. It could compromise your safety. Instead, you can save those photos on your phone and upload them later as soon as you get home.

2. Make Your Home Look Occupied

You may leave a light or a radio open to make it look like someone is still at home. If you are thinking twice about leaving any appliances on or off, you can use a light that has a timer to it which is connected to your phone. It sure may cost a bit, but it will be worth the price. There are also other cheap alternatives for some smart home appliances nowadays.

If this still doesn’t convince you on making your home appear like it is occupied then you can try out this option. Leave out some of the things in your living room such as an open book, some children toys, or let your neighbor park their car in your driveway. Speaking about your neighbor, make good friends with them and they can help watch over your house. You can do the favor for them when it’s their turn of going on trips.

3. Keep All Doors Locked

Find all entry points and potential entry points. Use padlocks and even smart locks when you can. There are also home security devices that sets off the alarm when an intruder walks in.

4. Security Systems

With today’s advancements in technology, security cameras can be a big help when it comes to home security. Some can even sense motion activity. They can also send you activities on your phone, or you can view it through your phone itself.

5. Be Prepared

One important thing to do is to keep all of your valuables in a safe, hidden place before you leave your home. In case something unfortunate happens, you have your valuables safely kept in a place you only know.

We hope these tips have helped you in figuring out what to do when you leave your home during the holidays. If you own a business or a commercial space and would need some security guards for it, contact us today so we can help you with your security and manpower needs!

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Posted on: December 5th, 2018 by Wazile