Safety Awareness Tips for Security Guards

We see security guards in every commercial building and establishment around us. They are tasked to ensure the safety not only of the facility but also of all the people entering the premises of the area that they are assigned to. Providing good security services is what every security provider is after, this is why they train security guards to prioritize protection and safety whenever they are on duty. But it is not easy being the one who ensures safety. You would have to go through different risky situations and any possibilities of threats occurring in a day. Since security guards provide protection, they too should also know how to protect themselves and know what to do to be able to ensure their safety. 

Here are some safety awareness tips for security guards while on duty:

1. Be Mindful of Possible Threats or Dangers

be mindful on possible threats or dangers

To ensure the safety of everyone, security must be quick to respond to any threats or dangers in the area that they are assigned to. Not only that, but security guards must be well-briefed with areas in the facility that contain hazardous substances, so they know how to guard these items from thieves who take particular interest in stealing them. 

2. Always Gear Up

always gear up

Aside from the given proper attire for security guards, an appropriate defensive gear should also be worn for extra safety. This will not just protect the people inside the facility, but it will also serve as protection for the guard while on duty. Although not all security guards carry guns and other firearms with them all the time, so instead, you have to be well-equipped with other defensive tools such as a baton, pepper spray, flashlight, etc. Being equipped with the necessary tools will help defend yourself in unexpected situations. 

3. Watch Out for Every Corner

watch out for every corner

Blind spots are usually used by criminals to attack and have their way in. So you must be watchful of every corner of the facility, especially the darker areas. See to it that your senses are always alert for any possibility of threats or dangers. To avoid having criminals hide behind corners, thoroughly check the wider scale of the area during your rounds. Don’t just walk past it. 

4. Set a Different Route


Security guards on duty have daily patrols to secure the premises and there is most likely a certain route you take every time you do rounds in your shift. Instead of taking the usual route to these places, set a different one. Thieves may be lurking around the premises and studying your every move, so it is better for you to be one step ahead of them and not be predictable. Change your route every once in a while. Doing this will help you reach more areas that are unguarded and are possible entryways for thieves. 

5. Keep a Safe Distance From Suspects

keep safe distance from suspects

Make sure to maintain a safe distance when you are interviewing the suspect. You will never know if they try to act out of rage, so you must be quick to respond and keep yourself safe from sudden attacks from suspects. Being outside of arm’s reach should be your distance from each other. 

6. Don’t Act Rashly

don't act rashly

While it is the responsibility of a security guard to ensure safety, it is still important to not act rashly or hastily in times when the situation requires specialized assistance. If that happens, it would be best for the security guard to step back and let higher authorities or specialized forces to handle the situation. Acting heroic will not help during times of bigger threats. 

7. Take Note of Emergency Procedures

take note of emergency procedures

For every security guard to secure even their own safety, they have to know emergency procedures. Aside from the safety of everyone, your safety is also your responsibility. You have to know what to do in case there is an earthquake, fire, or any other sudden danger. 

Taking care of the safety of every person in one place is a tough job to do. And it is equally important for every security guard to also know how to keep themselves safe as they look after other people. 

We hope that this article has been helpful in giving safety awareness tips for your security guards. If you are in need of security guards for your facility, contact us today and we will be glad to offer you the best of our services!

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Posted on: November 30th, 2020 by Wazile