How Can a Security Guard Help People During an Earthquake?

On April 22, 2019, earthquake struck the island of Luzon and caused damages on many infrastructures. There were 18 people who died, 3 people were missing, and 256 people were injured in the incident.  Natural disasters are inevitable, but what’s important is the awareness and preparedness that people have when such incidents arise.

Having a security guard in your establishment plays an important part in this kind of event; they ensure people’s safety. Here are the ways they can help people during an earthquake:

1. They Stay Alert in These Kinds of Situations

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During an earthquake and any other threatening situations in the area, security guards are led to be more alert.  As security guards are trained to ensure the safety of the people, they are also trained to not panic and stay calm in these kinds of situations. This allows them to give proper instruction to people and direct them out safely.

2. They are Trained to Ensure Safety

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It’s every security guard’s role to ensure the safety of everyone in the area where they are assigned. And in times when an earthquake strikes, a security guard  will look for ways to secure safety by checking for possible exits, or check for other safety measures inside the building, like going under the table to protect the people from any falling debris. In most cases during a strong earthquake, staying inside would be more dangerous, so this is when security guards guide people in going to the emergency exit/s, advising them to cover their heads.

3. They Do Not Neglect Safety Even After Such Situations

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After leading the people in a safe place, security guards check if there are any possible missing persons in the group. They instruct people to refrain from running or leaving the area due to aftershocks that may cause injury to them. On some accounts, they also assist the search and rescue team to save the lives of those who are trapped inside.

Natural disasters are unpredictable and inevitable, that’s why as much as possible, everyone is advised to be prepared at all times. For every company, it’s important to have well-trained security guards that are prepared in the event of a natural disaster like earthquakes.
If your company is looking for a security guard, you can contact us today. We recommend hiring from an agency. We included an Earthquake Preparedness part in their training to handle this situation really well.

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Posted on: June 3rd, 2019 by Wazile