5 Functional Ways to Improve Campus Security

School security features are an important component of campus protection. If a school is designed in such a way that its defenses cannot be breached by outsiders, assailants will likely not attempt an attack. Even before the introduction of new technology, there have been various measures taken to boost campus security. For a modern-day school to remain safe, implementing functional security systems must be considered. Guarding the perimeter, monitoring doors and meeting areas are just some of the elements that ensure security measures are put into place, and that’s why here in this article we will be discussing five functional ways to enhance campus security and improve school safety.

1. Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts

Most universities are currently working on programs to address sexual assault and provide students with ways to be safe while also reducing incidents of sexual assault. Some of the best things you can do to make people feel safe to report any instance of sexual or domestic assault is to give them clear and easy-to-find contact information, and a sexual misconduct policy, which clearly states that you will protect all of your students in whatever situation they report.

2. Awareness of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

alcohol and drug abuse awareness

Universities can do their part to keep students safe by monitoring drug and alcohol abuse on campus. By providing education programs, health services and alert systems, universities can help to keep students healthy in spirit and body before these levels of abuse lead to negative experiences. Reducing the risk of getting injured or having an accident is a must to ensure students remain healthy while they’re on campus.

3. Campus Security

campus security

Having a security guard present in your college campus is a great idea. It can make you feel safer when you’re in areas that aren’t school operated, like sidewalks outside of classroom buildings and student housing areas. You could have on-campus and off-campus security and surveillance cameras or security guards who can let unwanted individuals or groups know they aren’t welcome, or who can walk you to your car at night.

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4. Monitoring of Arrival and Dismissal Times

monitoring arrival and dismissal times

Monitoring of student arrival and dismissal times is an important part of any school. Without accurate data regarding the time that people arrive and leave work, schools can struggle with attendance issues and getting resources where they need to be. This can also be a very important factor in helping to continue to keep your school a safe place for all.

5. Proper Visitor Management System

Schools have security systems to keep people from entering or leaving without authorization. With that, a proper visitor management system should also be implemented at all times. A visitor management system makes it easier for visitors to come and go without disrupting the learning process for students. Visitors are required to sign in at the front office and pick up an ID badge. They should wear their ID badge at all times when visiting the school. It is a good idea for visitors to leave their valuables and personal items, such as backpacks and handbags, in the security office until they leave or at least have a thorough bag check before letting them enter. This helps prevent suspicious people from entering the school premise.

It is important to work with the people at your school who are responsible for campus security. Speak with other faculty members and administrators about these matters. If you feel you need additional assistance, there are professionals who specialize in this type of field who can assist you. It is crucial to have everyone on board, since every building and security system must work together as a team. By implementing these ideas into your design, you will be able to take a step towards making your campus a safer place.

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Posted on: October 30th, 2022 by Wazile